Inca Trail which tour operator

Are you planning hike the Inca trail but don´t know Inca Trail which tour operator to choose. The following Cusco-based operators run either four-day or two-day treks to Machu Picchu, along the famed Inca Trail. Most companies also provide alternative multiday Inca Trail treks including the Lares Valley, Salkantay, and Choquequirao. These treks often are cheaper in cost and just as magnificent, if not more challenging. The average cost of a four-day Inca Trail excursion runs about $500 USD. Most companies listed can also organize one-day tours to Machu Picchu from Cusco.


Inca Trail which tour operator

An operator is required. Out of the about 200 companies, many are bad. Check reviews, guidebooks, and the companies’ own websites to decide, or rely on a travel agent to choose for you. Here are 13 well-respected companies, though there are other good ones.


Tierras Vivas.

One of the more popular Inca trail operators. Offering a variety of alternative Inca Trail treks from across the Sacred Valley, they´ve been guiding adventures on multiday hikes since 2006.

Peru Treks

(2002, Inca Trail Peru Treks S.A.C.): 4-day only, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, socially responsible, small family company. Specialized: only does this trek, so very competent, but inflexible.

Llama Path

(2004): various treks.

Alpaca Expeditions

(2011): Provides full tours of Peru and a leader on treks to Machu Picchu with a license for the Inca Trail.

United Mice

(1987): adventure travel throughout area, socially conscious (helps street children)


(1990): Largest trail operator, full selection, award-winning; also offers other adventure tours (white-water rafting etc.).

Wayki Trek

Andina Travel



(2002): good porter treatment.

Andean Treks

(1970) Inca Tours And Travel Adventure S.A.C): 5-day, South America-wide.


(1975): 5-day, large Peru-wide company, environmentally conscious.

Luxury Tour Operator

Amazonas Explorer

5-day, expensive luxury.

Apumayo Expediciones

(1995): private/group tours only, very established and decorated, luxury options, wheelchair/accessible tours, various other offerings.




This active travel company provides luxury all-inclusive trips in Peru for families and individuals. Packages include several Inca Trail trekking trips, lodge-to-lodge hiking throughout the Sacred Valley, and combination biking and hiking trips.

G Adventures.

Eco-conscious, Canadian-run tour company that provides multiple levels of trips based on comfort and activity styles. Offers traditional Inca trail treks and alternative Inca trail multiday hikes. Many can combined with other G tours of Peru. Check out las-minute deals on the Web site.

Wilderness Travel.

Specializes in small group, family, and private journeys, with an emphasis on education.

Last thing to choose before your trek is Inca Trail which tour operator to live this adventure and hike through amazing landscapes. Book now!