Machu Picchu Inca Trail

If you asks what to see on the Machu Picchu Inca Trail trek to someone who already knows, he or she will surely be talking for a long time. The Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, is located within the Archaeological Park of Machu Picchu. It includes surprising wildlife attractions, exuberant flora, unique climate, landscapes with snow and mountains. Also 18 archaeological sites belonging to the Inca era.

Let carrie away yourself with the best of the route of the ancient Incas to the wonder of Machu Picchu, and take this inspiring journey.Ready? Discover Machu Picchu Inca Trail trek:


Discover the Andean fauna in its natural habitat:

The Classic Inca Trail offers an admirable biodiversity of species that you will enjoy during your vacations. There are approximately 425 species of birds, 22 species of reptiles and 52 species of wild mammals. Among which are the spectacled bear or Andean bear, deer, river wolves and rodents.

Likewise you can see almost 32 species of hummingbirds, and as the main attraction the cock of the rocks, which stands out for its beautiful red and black plumage, being the representative bird of Peru. Try to have the camera ready for beautiful butterflies of different colors and more than 700 species.

You can see the cock of the rocks in your adventure on the Inca Trail. The national bird of Peru: the cock of the rocks in your adventure of the Inca Trail. So Enchant yourself with the great variety of plants of the Inca Trail
On the Machu Picchu Inca Trail route, sub tropical forests stand out, ranging from 2,600 meters to 4200 meters. It excels in the flora of the Classic Inca Trail, the presence of abundant vegetation and shrubs, creeping and climbing plants.

You will get to know the orchid, the quintessential flower that adorns the road with around 500 varieties. Also, along the Classic Inca Trail you can find areas of abundant pasture, presence of moss, vegetation with small grass, begonias and areas of cultivation with multiple crops.

Amaze with the majestic Andean natural scenes

The Inca Trail is a mega diverse attraction. In the four days will know a chain of snowed, the Urubamba mountain range, bordering the Classic Inca Trail highlighting the snowy La Veronica with 5800 meters, the snowy Sahuasiray with 5720 meters, the snowy Chicón, among others.

Upon reaching the area of the jungle, the scene is flooded with green hills and vegetation. That show a typical scene of an adventure in a mysterious place. The wide pampas where the path is the only sign of human life will be the perfect landscape to feel disconnected from the world and closer to oneself.

It should be noted that, in Cusco, the highest peak is the Salkantay with 6271 meters above sea level. As well, many of these snow-capped mountains allow for extreme activities such as adventure tours.

Explore Machu Picchu Inca Trail:

In all its route, along the Inca Trail, the presence of the cultural and historical attractions is imposed. These are Inca constructions, which are kept alive through the years. You can see canals, staircases, squares, enclosures, platforms, bridges and canals. All arranged inside and outside architectural ensembles as part of large urban centers.

Among 18 archaeological sites: the site of Llactapata, an agricultural attraction with the presence of impressive terraces, is also enigmatic. Qoriwayrachina or place where  incas melt the gold, highlighting its circular constructions. Another site you will meet is Runkurakay, which is haughty and mysterious with its semicircular constructions, as part of the best of the Inca Trail.

On the Classic Inca Trail, you will appreciate an Inca city hidden among the clouds. We are talking about Phuyupatamarka. This attractive set surrounded by terraces and covered with fog located strategically in the heights of the mountain with dominion over the entire Inca Trail.